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Lover Of The Void

Pin Eyes

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Lover Of The Void


Cm       A#         Am 
All that I have left to say 
Cm       A#      Am 
All that has been hid 
       Em            C   Dm 
By the trees of our love 
           Cm    A#     Am 
Behind the trees of our love 

             C              Em       Am 
I could have waited all the day all along 
          C       Em       C 
I did not see the point to stay and wait for a ghost 
              C                 Em          Am 
I would be so shivering that my knees would all break up 
             C               Em        Am 
And then the rain would just start fullfilling my lungs 

Cm     A#           Am 
Let me speak from my grave 
Cm     A#              Am 
Do you hear the fingers knocking 
  Em             C             Dm 
A lugubre prayer from the dead 
Cm       A#      Am 
Crawling onto our heads 

           C                      Em                Am 
But let me tell you that there is something that is on my mind 
           C                Em      Am 
And that I can't get rid of it, oh just like that. 
        C              Em         Am 
I'm not looking for an answer nor even a sign 
       C           Em                Am 
I just want you to nod your head and accept the fact... 

      C6      Em7      Am 
That oh, you are, the one... 
 That oh, you are, the one  

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