Phineas And Ferb

My Sweet Ride

Phineas And Ferb

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My Sweet Ride

	  		(E)             A                 F#m 
 (You're gonna love) You're gonna love 
     D                 E 
just what this car can do 
               A                     F#m 
(We tricked it out) We worked really hard 
         D               E 
just to trick it out for you 

     A                C# 
The simple push of a button 
             D              E 
changes the pattern and the hue 
               A    D  E        A 
on your sweet ride (My-y sweet ride!) 

Look, the visor's a vanity! 
And the glove box has real hands 
It steers itself, there's a trophy shelf 
And it opens up your cans 

And if you need a rocket engine 
You'll be the envy of the whole gang 
My car has a turret, that goes: 
Boom-baga-boom ba-banga-bang-bang 
Boom-baga-boom ba-banga-bang-bang 

                      A#                Gm 
(We're gonna cruise) Cruising with our friends 
       D#               F 
Follow me we're almost there! 
                    A#                Gm 
(Deploy the chutes) Let's deploy the chutes, Ferb! 
         D#            F 
There's romance in the air 

        A#                 D 
There's nothing I'd rather do 
             D#                  F 
Than take a moonlight drive with you 
               A#   D# F        A# 
In your sweet ride (My-y sweet ride!) 

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