Phillips Craig and Dean

The Great I Am

Phillips Craig and Dean

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The Great I Am

Verse 1: 
D              Em     A             D  
I wanna to be close close to your side  
              Em        A         D  
So heaven is real and death is a lie  
              Em         A       D  
I wanna hear voices of angels above  
            Em    A 
Singing as one  

Verse 2: 
D           Em   A             D  
I wanna be near near to your heart  
             Em     A         D  
Loving the world hating the dark  
              Em        A      D  
I wanna see dry bones living again  
            Em    A  
Singing as one  

Bm G Hallelujah, Holy Holy D A God almighty, Great I am Bm Who is worthy G None beside Thee D God Almighty A Great I Am
Bridge: Bm The mountains shake before Him , The demons run and flee G At the mention of the name King of Majesty D There is no power in hell or any who can stand A Before the power and the presence of Bm G The Great I am The Great I am D A The Great I am Yeah

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