Phillips Craig and Dean

Only You

Phillips Craig and Dean

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Only You

     E         F#m              E            A 
Only You, You alone are worthy of the glory Lord 
          C#m              E              Bsus B 
And every crown we?ll ever wear, we lay it down. 
          E             F#m            E              A 
We bow our knees, we confess, You are Lord all by Yourself. 
           C#m               E               Bsus B 
You reign alone upon Your throne of righteousness.  
        E   A2   E   A2      
Only You.  (repeat) 

 E     A2        E        A2      G2        A     E2 
Who is like the Lord our God, who reigns in majesty? 
 E              A2             E       A2       G2   
Who formed the earth and the heavens above? The mountains, The  
 A            E2    C#m             G#m 
deserts, and seas?  Who deserves honor? 
C#m         G#m      G           A       Bsus B 
Who deserves praise? Who is the Sovereign King? 

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