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Difficulty: ExpertExpert

by Acelot

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  		Intro: C F C F    

Ho{C}ld on {F}to me as we g{C}o     F 
As we r{C}ole down {F}this unfamiliar ro{C}ad    F 
Although this we{Am}ight is {F}stringing us alo{C}ng    F     
Just kno{C}w yo{Em}u're n{Am}ot a{G}lo{Am}ne    
Cuz I'm gonna ma{F}ke thi{Am}s pla{G}ce yo{G}ur ho{C}me    

Se{C}ttle do{F}wn it will all be cl{C}ear F D{C}on't pay no mind to the de{F}mons they fill you with f{C}ear F T{Am}rouble it might drag you do{F}wn If you get lo{C}st you can always be fo{G}und Just kn{C}ow yo{Em}u're n{Am}ot a{G}lo{Am}ne Cuz I'm gonna ma{F}ke th{Am}is pl{G}ace yo{G}ur ho{C}me
{F}oh{C}hh{Am} {G}oh{F}hh{C}h G ohhhh

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