Phil Pritchett

Feelin' Port Aransas

Phil Pritchett



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Feelin' Port Aransas

	  		I'm told this road ends in Corpus 
C                            G 
Or at least that's what they say 
C                             Em 
And if you don't send your wheels to the right or left 
C                                         G 
You'll drive right into the bay 
C                            G 
Some kind of sweet salt water revival 
C                               G 
To someone who's never been there 
C                             Em 
But to you who know it all so well 
C                           G 
You know that it's best to beware 
C                            G    D 


Casting your thoughts 
Em                D 
Into the surf and you caught  
G                    Am 
Nothin more than a memory or two 
Em       Am           G       D 
Do you reconize all the places 
Em        D              G 
Do you reconize you? 
Am               B7 
And now you begin to be 


Feeling Port Aransas Again 
C     G        D        G 
Feeling Port Aransas Again 
C     G        D        G 
Feeling Port Aransas Again 
C     G        D        G Em D G Am B7 

There is a girl along the shoreline 
She's faceless but you know her name 
And she speaks to you in that broken english 
The translation stays the same 
And all the days you have claimed to forgotten 
And the words you dare not repeat 
Still breathe down near the water 
In the prints of a younger man's feet 

Bridge 2 

And you take a walk 
And two years there'll be talk 
And you'll say somethin' about how it's all changed 
Then take some time 
To return to the way 
You have lost and what you have gained 



Em D G Am B7 2x 

now those days of wreckless abandon 
Have been washed away by the tides 
And drawn back out into the current somewhere 
Never again to see the sea side 
Behind your back the sand dunes whisper 
Their voices are carefully lost 
And you realize there are many secrets 
That the islanders have aready known 

Bridge 3 

You've always asked the right questions 
Em                               D 
But the answers have never set wind 
G                               Am 

So we begin 


      Port Aransas (backup singers) 
      Port Aransas 
      Port Aransas 


This all uses C G D G

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