Pharrell Williams


Pharrell Williams

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(verse 1) 
D                           Bm 
My dear it seems we're here again 
F#m                G 
So much for effort 
D                         Bm 
Isn't it clear we're here again 
F#m                              G 
Our thing right where we left it 
  Bm                                   D 
A delusion is a flight, first class to no where 
        F#m                              G 
While a dream is a blueprint, a plane to go there 

To go there 

    D                   Bm 
And I, I promise on all existence 
If it breathes then it is our witness 
We have unfinished business 

You and I 
    D                              Bm 
And so my word is I'll cross those bridges 
With zero regard for limits 
And distance, you and I 

(verse 2) 
D                           Bm 
My dear it seems we're here again 
F#m                             G 
Was there a glitch in my method 
D                           Bm 
Isn't it clear we're here again 
F#m                G 
Let's get new GPSes 
   Bm                                             D 
So next time you see this place remember we we're alone 
We'll bring our children from home 
That's right, ohh yeah, I'm gonna go there 

(Repeat Chorus) 

Bm                                A 
Well, anyone think they can do it better 
Well come on 
Come one 
But back to you 
                    C#m            Bm 
Hold on girl we can make it 
Stack whatever on top I can take it 

D                   Bm 
It seems we're here again 
F#m                          G 
This is the right traction 

D  Bm  F#m  G 

(Repeat Chorus) 

D  C  Bm  Bb  C  D 

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