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Kiss me goodbye Chords

Petula Clark

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by Somsat

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Kiss me goodbye

	  Intro: G - G6 

D    A/C#        Bm     Bm/A 
We choose it, win or lose it 
G         D/F#  Em         A7  
Love is never  quite the same 
D  A/C#      Bm        Bm/A 
I   love you, now l' ve lost you 
G            D/F#          Em  A7   D             D7 
Don't feel bad, you're not   to    blame. 
     G                G7M           G6          G 
So kiss me goodbye and I' ll try not to cry 
All the tears in the world won' t change your mind. 
Am                    C7M               D             C  
There's someone new and she's waiting for you 
                D                D7/5+           G         D7 
Soon your heart will be leaving me behind. 
G          G7M             G6            G  
Linger awhile, then I' ll go with a smile 
                               Dm    G        C            
Like a friend who just happened to call 
                 C#dim   Bm               Em 
For the last time pretend your are mine 
      C      Am     D7               G 
My darling,        kiss me goodbye. 
D   A/C#         Bm         Bm/A 
I    know now, I must go now 
G               D/F#          Em     A7 
Though my heart wants me to stay 
D     A/C#     Bm     Bm/A 
That girl is    your tomorrow 
G    D/F#     Em   A7   D 
I belong to 

(volta à 2ª parte) 



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