Beyond Belief




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Beyond Belief

Year: 1999 - Album: The Ultimate Collection

C       F# C         G  C 
C       G  C         G  C 

verse 1: 
C                G         C     F       C       G    C 
We're content to pitch our tent when the glory's evident 
F             G              C                   G    C 
Seldom do we know the glory came and went 
C       G        C         F       C             G    C 
Moving can seem dangerous in this stranger's pilgrimage 
F                Eb                     C                G     C         
Knowing that you can't stand still, you cross the bridge 

C         F      G        Am 
There's a higher place to go 
G      C       Eb      C 
Beyond belief, beyond belief 
C         F      G        Am 
Where we reach the next plateau 
G      C       Eb      C 
Beyond belief, beyond belief 
G                          C 
And from faith to faith we grow 
G                  Am 
Towards the center of the flow 
Eb               F 
Where He beckons us to go 
G      C       Eb     C 
Beyond belief, beyond belief 


verse 2: 
C             G         C     F       C       G         C 
Leap of faith without a net makes us want to hedge our bet 
F             G              C                G    C 
Water's never part until our feet get wet 
C                Am       C     F       G         C 
There's a deeper place to go where the road seems hard to hoe 
F           Eb                    C                G     C   
He who has begun this work won't let it go 


        Am          G   Dm             F 
And it takes so long to see the change 
F                Am        Em          G 
But we look around and it seems so strange 
We have come so far but the journey's long 
                  F                  C     hold for 2 measures   F   C        F   C fade out 
And we once were weak but now we're strong 

Chorus (only play on "Beyond Belief", then build on "and from faith...") 

Chorus full 

F C     F C Eb C Eb C    Eb   F C Eb C Eb C Eb C Eb fade out 

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