Peter Green

Feeling Good

Peter Green

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Feeling Good


      D  Am  F  Em  Am 
        D  Am  E  A  E 
        G  D  F  E 
        Am  D  Am  E 

Am                         E 
Another weekend and I feel so low 
 G                 D 
All dressed up but nowhere to go 
 F                         E 
There's just a voice on the radio 
               Am           D Am E 
To make me feel good inside 
Am                     E 
It seems so long since those crazy days 
G                           D 
Hot summer nights and long lazy days 
F                                E 
Then we both went our own separate ways 
          Am             D Am E 
Trying to feel good inside 

G                        C 
I got so close, I had you here in my hand 
E                             Am 
I'd turn back time but I'm only a man 
F                         D 
I'd give this right arm if I could see you again 
                  G      E 
But that can't be done 

     Am                              E 
Now I don't know if you're alive or you're dead 
G                               D 
All I've got of you is this picture of in my head 
  C                    F 
If I knew you were happy 
At least I could accept 
                    A        D  Am E 
And try to feel good inside 

Solo Am  E  G  D  C 
       F  E  C  D  Am 

G                                C 
I think about those times again and again 
E                                     Am 
But there ain't no use in just remembering when 
G             F                  D 
We can't control time, the hand or the pen 
        G                   E 
Having written it just moves on 

Am                       E 
Another week and I feel so low 
G                                 D 
Just passing time and time moves so slow 
How things could have been 
I guess we'll never know 
   C                        D 
But I want to feel good inside 
C                       D 
Just to feel good inside 
C          D        F         A Am 
I want to feel good inside 

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