Peter and Gordon

Lady Godiva

Peter and Gordon



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Lady Godiva

Capo on 8th fret
	  		Lady Godiva:Peter And Gordon. 
#6 in 1966. 

#1. ( for orig.) 
G    C       G      C      G          C         G 
Seventeen, a beauty queen..she made a ride that caused 
  C            Am  D 
a scene in the town. 
D7              G     G7                      A7 
Her long blonde hair, hangin' down around her knees, 
D7                        Em7    G7 
all the cats who dig striptease, prayin' for  
a little breeze. 
D               G7                            A7 
Her long blonde hair, falling down across her arms. 
D7                    G                 E    A7        D7 G     
Hiding all the lady's charms..Hey, hey, hey..Lady 

G         C        G        C       G    C      G 
She found fame and made her name..A Hollywood director 
C         Am    D           G7 
came into town..and said to her.. 
                       A7    D7                          Em7 
How'd you like to be a star? You're a girl that could go far, 
G7                             Am 
especially dressed the way you are. 
D             G7                          A7 
She smiled at him..Gave her pretty head a shake.. 
D7                   G             E  E7  A7        D7 G 
That was Lady G's mistake..hey-hey-hey....Lady 

G    C        G        C 
He directs Certificate X. 
    G      C       G             C             Am 
And people now are craning their see her. 
D             G7                       A7 
Cause she's a that everybody knows. 
D7                           Em7 
Finished with the striptease shows.. 
G7                       Am 
Now she can't afford her clothes. 
D               G7                          A7        
Her long blonde hair, lyin' on the barber's floor. 
D7              G       E   E7  A7        D7 G C G 
Doesn't need it long anymore....Lady 

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat. 

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