Peter and Gordon

Knight In Rusty Armour

Peter and Gordon



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Knight In Rusty Armour

	  		Knight In Rusty Armour:Peter And Gordon. 
Top of the charts in 1966. 

Cm           G7                 Cm 
Long ago, in days of old, there lived a knight who 
Ab              Eb                       G7 
wasn't quite as bold, as a knight should be. 
   Cm               G7                Cm 
He rode an old grey mare called Bess, searchin' for  
  Ab            Eb                    G7                C7 
a damsel in distress...just to see if he, could set her free. 

Fm7     Bb7             Eb                  C7 
See the knight in rusty armour ride..To her aid. 
Fm7    Bb7              Eb                  D7    G7 
Trusty sword is hanging at his side..With a rusty blade. 

Cm           G7                    Cm 
Up the tower steps he sneaked, but as he moved, 
    Ab           Eb                        G7 
his rusty armour squeaked..Such a mournful note.. 
     Cm               G7              Cm   
that all the sentries at their posts, thought it must  
              Ab     Eb 
have been the castle ghost. 
                      G7            C 
They jumped for their lives..In the moat. 

Fm7    Bb7             Eb                   C7 
So the knight in rusty armour won..His fair maid. 
Fm7    Bb7              Eb                   D7    G7 
Had no need to draw his trusty sword..With a rusty blade. 

Cm            G7                 Cm 
As he bent to kiss his bride, he found that he was 
Ab          Eb                  G7 
rusted up his battle dress. 
And I can't guess... 
Fm7      Bb7               Eb 
How they still got married and had twins. 
They came in tins. 
Fm7   Bb7            Eb   Ab    Eb    Ab 
Every suit of armour ever made, has a kink, 
Eb         Ab           Bb7     Eb 
chain mail pants with a missing link. 

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat. 

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