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Pete Yorn


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D Pots and pans are indestructible

Am How do you respect your room?

D If you hadn?t gone tomorrow,

Am you could have stayed on ?til June

D It?s alright if I was older,

Am it?s ok to lose your age,

G and I, want to follow you, D Am I do, I do. Em
2nd Verse: D It?s another I could trust you, Am it?s another thing to swear, D I?m ok with all the others, Am it?s just her I cannot stand, I'm old G enough to feel the way I do D and I know Am that you are Em true, it?s just a part of my genes G D Am D Am And I want you to know, D it?s hard to wait on, I?ll Am swallow you whole, wait D kindly in the next room.... Am And you have stayed, G a mile away D from me, and you will G stay a mile away D from me if you know Am what?s good for you, Em you could have stayed until June. D Am...

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