Pete James

Only One Name

Pete James

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Only One Name

	  		verse 1: 
F#m            D                E    
Only one name, strong enough to save 
F#m            D             E     
Only one name, overcomes the grave 
Bm                    D               E                              
Only one name, is the hope of all the earth  
D              E 
Risen Saviour, He is Jesus 

A D Bm So we sing it through the streets and shout it from the roof tops E A Jesus saves! A D Bm He?s alive, He?s alive and we believe that E D E A Jesus saves! Jesus saves!
verse 2: Only one name, spans the breadth of time Only one name, human and divine Only one name, to whom every knee will bow King of Heaven, He is Jesus Bridge: D E He is the answer for this world, A E F#m He is the answer for the soul, D E Always, always (repeat)

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