Peggy Lee

Golden Earringsg Chords

Peggy Lee

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate


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Golden Earringsg

  		Em        Em5+  Em     Am      Am7  Am6  B7 
There's a story the gypsies know is  true 
     Em        Am7        B7     Am 
That when your love wears golden earrings, 
Em    B7       Em 
He belongs to you. 
   Em       Em5+  Em        Am       Am7  B7 
An old love story that's known to very few, 
    Em     Am7        B7     Am 
But if you wear those golden earrings, 
Em        B7       Em 
Love will come to you. 
C  C/B  Am7     Am7/G   D   Am7   G/B  Am7 
By          the burning fire,  they will  
G  G/F# Em      B7     Em   Em/A   G    B7/F# 
Glow       with ev'ry coal. 
C9  C      Am     D Am7 G/B Am7 Em     Em7       B7    
You   will hear desire  whisper low inside your soul. 
   Em    Em5+  Em        Am       Am7      B7 
So be  my  gypsy;  make love your guiding light, 
     Em     Am7       B7     Am 
And let this pair of golden earrings 
 Em         B7      Em 
Cast their spell tonight. 

Gravada também por Catarina Valente e Willie Nelson 

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