Paul Thorn

Temporarily Forever Mine

Paul Thorn



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Temporarily Forever Mine

Capo on 3rd fret

Em  Em/F#  G 

Em              Em/F#      G 
The door on the mailbox is rusted shut 
Em               Em/F#         G 
The grass in the yard sure has grown up 
Em         Em/F#                   G 
One of the chains is broken on the front porch swing 
Em   Em/F#              G 
     I don't know why I came 
G                       D/F# 
I guess I had to see it one more time 
Em                               A 
This little trailer we shared in better times 

D        G               A                    D 
Way out yonder see those big old black clouds moving 
G                     G/F#            A  
I wish the wind could blow me back in time 
G              A     D        G       G/F#        Em  
those were the days, I had it made, when you were  
Em          A       D 
Temporarily forever mine 

Did you know your mother still calls me 
She's got a special place in her heart for me 
I'll always be her favorite son-in-law 
She wonders what went wrong 
I know time can take this pain away, 
But time can't take me back to yesterday 


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