Paul Thorn

Mission Temple Fireworks Stand

Paul Thorn

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Mission Temple Fireworks Stand

Capo on 2nd fret
	  		(You can also play no capo using B for the A, E for the D and F# for the E) 
Relative to capo: 
D9 (can use D instead of D9)  
I saw a black man with a bible and a sparkler in his hand.  
       A                          E 
He was holding a tent revival and running a firework stand.  
            A                               D 
He said the end of the world is coming, you better get on your knees.  
      A                                   E           A 
Today bottle rockets are two for one, but salvation's free.  
He said I quit my job at a big church where the milk and money flowed,  
        A                           E                 
To sell cherry bombs for Jesus in a tent beside the road.  
        A                         D 
I ain't in it for the money, most cars they pass on by.  
      A                                 E         A  
But I pay the rent on New Years and the fourth of July.  
Here at the... 

A Holy Ghost (Holy Ghost) A Big Bang theory (Big Bang Theory) A Pentecostal (Pentacostal) A Fire and brimstone (Fire and Brimstone) A E A Mission Temple Fireworks Stand
Fireworks are dangerous, they can blow up in your face So you better read the instructions, light the fuse and get away These things are made in China so it's easy to see How a man who worships Buddha ain't got no guarantees This is the... Chorus Whoa-o-o-o-o Bridge: D9 He said everything I'm selling is all going up in smoke D9 A6 This world is like an atom bomb, it's ready to explode D9 When the trumpet sounds and The Lord comes back I promise you one thing E I'll be a human bottle rocket and I'll go out with a bang I'll leave this... Chorus Chorus Chorus Chorus

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