Paul Brady

Marriage Made In Hollywood

Paul Brady

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Marriage Made In Hollywood

   G                                    C 
Jimmy's not a high concept guy 
              G                                         Em 
But he's front page news, let me tell you why 
 D/F#                            G                C 
He's on the cover of the New York Post 
   G                   D     
Every network, coast to coast 
G                                            C 
All he needed was a hot night in June 
G                                                       Em 
'Cause he had the needle and he had the spoon 
D/F#                               G         C 
When he spiked it bit, and man, he flew 
G                    D 
Into America's living room 

D We all love tragedy, and it loves us too D It's a marriage made in Hollywood between greed and you G All you need to be a star is to die in open view, It's a marriage made in Hollywood G C D Between greed and you G C G Between greed and you
Loved by women, admired by men He walked down broadway with his best friend His brain was wired like a light in a socket With his old friend in his back pocket That horse could kick, that horse could scream Ride you out of here into a different scene Unrequited love, and that makes it fair But who keeps score when you're in mid-air? {Chorus} Like a free-fall chute that didn't open He looked down to see his dream was broken He stared back up at a hot grey sky Re-ran his life and then he died Well if you jump off a building, brother beware! 'Cause my friend Jimmy woke up mid-air No time to smile, no time to wave They buried him in a media grave {Chorus}

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