Patty Griffin

We Are Water

Patty Griffin

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We Are Water

Capo on 4th fret

Intro(hammer-on/pull-off 3rd finger) 

My friend, my friend, you are traveling 
So many secrets are unraveling 
A                           G 
Some other picture's coming into view 
I seen the water washing over you 
and the water's speaking now, it speaks your name 
I hear it talking to me sometimes when it rains 
A                     G 
Telling me a story of joy or pain 
But I've got no regrets baby, I've got no shame 

G 'Cause we are water D We flow and flow G I feel you pouring through D Every inch of my soul and A I really must tell you this Bm Baby, before you go G We are water D We flow and flow
D I am a river baby, I've got plenty of time D I don't know where I'm going I'm just following the lines A G There's just no telling where this river will flow D I got no choice in the matter, baby, D I just go where it goes D I'm making my bed tonight right under this cloud D Sometimes the lightening's so frightening D Sometimes the thunder's so loud A G Still, I know this tide is always kissing my heels D Someimes I think I'm drowning in all these things that I feel
D Out on the beach today, I did not find D One single footstep that we left behind A G So I went swimming in the deep blue sea D and I could feel that water all around me A ?We are water Bm We flow and flow G D We flow and flow

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