Patty Griffin


Patty Griffin

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Capo on 2nd fret
Capo II 

(transcribed from an acoustic performance at Calvin College on 4-14-00) 

G:    000000 
D/G:  004030 
C/G:  002010 
Em:   999900 
D:    777700 
C:    555500 

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Verse pattern: D/G C/G G --0-0-0-0--0-0-0-0---0-0-0-0--0-0-0-0--| --3-3-3-3--1-1-1-1---0-0-0-0--0-0-0-0--| --0-0-0-0--0-0-0-0---0-0-0-0--0-0-0-0--| --4-4-4-4--2-2-2-2---0-0-0-0--0-0-0-0--| --0-0-0-0--0-0-0-0---0-0-0-0--5-5-5-4--| --0-0-0-0--0-0-0-0---0-0-0-0--5-5-5-4--| anyone remember Tony . . . . . . . . etc.
D/G C/G G Does anyone remember Tony? D/G C/G G He was a quiet boy, a little overweight, he had breasts like a girl D/G C/G G When I wasn't too busy feeling lonely D/G C/G G D/G C/G G I'd stare over his shoulder at a map of the world D/G C/G G He always finished all his homework D/G C/G G Raised his hand in homeroom D/G C/G G For the morning attendance D/G C/G G And to pledge allegiance to the gloom Em D C G Hey Tony, what's so good about dying Em D C G I think I might do a little dying today Em D C G Looked in the mirror saw that little faggot staring back at him Em D C G Pulled out a gun and blew himself away I hated every day of high school Funny, I guess you did too Funny how I never knew There I was sitting right behind you They wrote it in the local rag Death comes to the local fag I guess you finally stopped believing that any hope would ever find you I knew that story, I was sitting right behind you Hey Tony, what's so good about dying? I think I might do a little dying today He looked in the mirror, saw that little faggot staring back at him Pulled out a gun, and blew himself away

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