Patty Griffin

Kite Song

Patty Griffin

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Kite Song

Capo on 1st fret

st Fret 

Intro: C  Am  G  F  (2x) 

       C                Am 
Sunday after, there was laughter in the air 
     G                          F 
Everybody had a kite, they were flying everywhere 
            C                        Am 
And all the trouble went away and it wasn't just a dream 
        G                        F 
All the trouble went away and it wasn't just a dream 

In middle of the night, we try and try with all our might 
   Am             G          F 
To light a little light down here 
In middle of the night, we dream of a million kites 
       Am             G               F 
Flying high above the sadness and the fear 

Instrumental: C   Am   G   F   (2x) 

       C                             Am 
Little sister, just remember, as you wander through the blue 
           G                              F 
The little kite that you sent flying on a Sunday afternoon 
        C                                   Am 
Made of something light as nothing, made of joy, that matters too 
        G                               F 
How the little dreams we dream, are all we can really do 

In the middle of the night the world turns with all it's might 
  Am             G             F 
A little diamond, coloured blue 
In middle of the night we keep sending little kites 
  Am           G          F         G 
Until a little light gets through 

OUTRO: C   Am   G   F    C   Am   G   F 

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