Patty Griffin

Carry Me

Patty Griffin

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Carry Me

D11                                         Em 
Maybe they come by land, maybe they come by sea 

D11                                            C 
Maybe they've already come, maybe they come by me 

C          D11    Em          C        D11    Em 
Slipping into the twilight, I ride the broken wave tonight 

C           D11    Em     C        D11    Em 
An old song on the radio, you knew a long time ago 

    C        D11    Em     C                  D11 
And old song on the radio, going out over the ocean 

Em   D     C   Em   D     C 
Ca - a - arry, ca - a - arry 

Maybe it's World War I, maybe it's World War III 
Maybe it's Vietnam, maybe we're on TV 
Slipping into the tall grass, melting into the tall glass 
Spilling out over the lip and into the ocean, into the ocean 

Em   D     C   Em   D     C 
Ca - a - arry, ca - a - arry 

Em   D     C              C               D11 
Ca - a - arry me over the ocean, over the ocean 

         C               D11             C          D11          C          D11 
Over the ocean, over the ocean, over the sea, carry me, over the sea, carry me 

Maybe I've come so far, maybe I'm on my knees 
Maybe I'm dead or alive, maybe I'm none of these 
Just an old song on the radio, someone put on a long time ago 
Going out over the ocean, over and over the ocean 

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