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Jesus, Lover Of My Soul (All About You) Chords


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by newzinhu

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Jesus, Lover Of My Soul (All About You)

  		Com o Capo na 3ª casa. 

Em                C  G   D 
It's all about You, Jesus 
Em                     C 
And all this is for You 
           G               D 
For Your glory and your fame 
Em               C 
It's not about me 
            G                   C 
As if You should do things my way 
Em             D          
You alone are God  
            C                 G C Em D 
And I surrender to your ways 

G    C     D        G  
Jesus, lover of my soul 
C               G              D 
All consuming fire is in Your gaze 
G    C     D            G  
Jesus, I want you to know 
C               G              D 
I will follow you all my days 
Em                    C         Em    C 
For no one else in history is like you 
G             D                C 
And history itself belongs to you 
Em                    C         Em    C 
Alpha and Omega, You have loved me 
G             D                C 
And I will share eternity with You 

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