Coins In A Fountain


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Coins In A Fountain

Capo on 1st fret


Intro: Am, C, G x 8 

Fear is dark but my love is a lantern  
C               G 
Shining up like coins in a fountain 
hope is a tree, sitting on a mountain 
C                     G 
where the grass don't grow 
there's a sad old sea but my love is an island 
C                      G 
wild and free like the hills and the highlands 
  is a breeze that brings me back to dry lands 
C                  G 
where the flowers grow 

     F          C    G 
and love, is a baby born 
     F            C       G 
and love, is the last unicorn 
     F            C    G          
and love, is the only song I'll song 

Am, C, G x 2 

hate is a poison, love is the remedy 
C                     G 
singing out like the sweetest of melodies  
hope is the ghost in the deepest of memories 
C                         G 
stronger than ten of me, fear is the enemy  
in the dark, and its creeps like a shark  
        C                G 
in the coldest sea, the deepest part  
hope is the beat, in the oldest heart 
C                G 
hand in a hand, brand new start 

F          C    G 
love, is a fireside 
F             C          G            
warm, on the coldest of nights 
F            Am    G         Am    Am/B  C           
love, is the only song I'll sing, all night long 

F             Am        G 
love, is the truest of words 
     F            Am          G 
and love, is the last winter bird 
     F           Am    G         C 
and love, is the only song I'll sing 

C    G   F 
ohh I'll sing 
     F               C 
till I can't sing no more 
C    G    F 
ohh I'll sing 
F                 Am   G 
till my throat is sore. 

Am, C, G x 3 

End on Am 

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