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Written by Hayley Williams/Taylor York

	  		okay so this is my first tab. If the chords don't seem right please just comment :) 

G Am C Em (2x)

G               Am                    C   Em 
I'm writing the future, im writing it out loud 
G                      Am                           C     Em 
we dont talk about the past, we dont talk about the past, no 
G                 Am                   C   Em 
so im writing the future, im leaving a key here 
G                        Am                           C    Em 
something wont always be missing, you wont always feel empty 

G Am C Em   (4x)

G            Am                        C       Em                   G 
Think of the future, and think of your dreams, you'll get away from here 
                Am     C    Em                   G                  Am  C 
you'll get away eventually, so lets think of the future, think of a new life 
Em                        G                               Am  C 
and don't get lost in the memories, keep your eyes on the new prize 

(then these chords all the way to the end) 
Em G Am C 

(end on Em) 

Thanks (: 

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