Paolo Nutini


Paolo Nutini

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	  		Intro: A A2 Asus4 x2 
A                   F#m    E 
Autumn leaves under frozen souls 
A                    F#m      E 
Hungry hands turning soft and old 
D       E                F#m       E      D 
My hero cry, as we stood out there in the cold 
D                         E                       A 
Like these autumn leaves, I don?t have nothing to hold 
A A2 Asus4  
A   (A2  Asus4)          F#m      E 
Handsome smiles, wearing handsome shoes 
A        (A2 Asus4)         F#m      E 
Too young to say,  though I swear he knew                  
D              E                 F#m                D 
And I hear him singing, while he sits there in his chair 
D                         E                  A     A2 Asus4             
While these autumn leaves, float around everywhere  
Bm                 A                        
And I look at you, and I see me,  
E               D        A 
Making noise, so restlessly  
Bm                  A        
But now it?s quiet, and I can hear you sing: 
?My little fish don?t cry,  
My little fish don?t cry? 
A                 F#m     E     
Autumn leaves how fading now 
A                               F#m       E 
That smile I?ve lost, well I?ve found somehow 
D                 E             F#m     D 
Because you still live on in my fathers eyes 
D            E 
These autumn leaves,  
F#m          (E) D 
All these autumn leaves,  
D                E                 A          A2 Asus4    A 
All these autumn leaves, are yours tonight 


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