Pain of Salvation


Pain of Salvation

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1979 Key D#mD#m

       Am          C 
It was '79 and the world seemed more kind 
       Gm                   Dm 
And it was still okay to be modest 
    Am                          C 
The sixties were gone but their soul lingered on 
        Gm                         Dm 
And the eighties were still just a promise 

    D F        Em     Am 
And I remember me and you 

    Am                    C 
Two children of six still playing with sticks 
    Gm                       Dm 
And whatever we found in the forest 
    Am                           C 
Our grandpas were strong and our parents still young 
        Gm                         Dm 
And the world seemed a little more honest 

    D F        Em     Am 
And I remember me and you 

F         C     Dm    Am 
All still fine, 19    79 
F       C    Dm   Am 
Left behind, 19   79 
   D   F 
Do you remember? 
   D   F 
Do you remember? 
       D F 
'Cause I remember 
Em     Am 
Me and you 

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