Curtain Call


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Curtain Call

Capo on 2nd fret
	  		Tuning: DGDGAD 
nd fret 

Em11/A Em11 Dadd4 x3 

verse 1 
Dadd4                 Em11/A 
      Here it is, the final curtain call 
  Em11                     Dadd4 
A gesture of gratitude and ego 
Well, I'd be remiss if I didn't piss myself 
         Em11               Dadd4 
One last public act of disrepute to regret 

Bm9 Bm9* A11 Aadd4 
Em11 Dadd4 Em11 
Dadd4 Em11/A Em11 
Dadd4 Em11/A Em11 

verse 2 
Dadd4 Em11/A Em11 
Dadd4                                Em11/A 
      People used to pay to watch me        sing and play 
But it seems      more and more they come 
      To spit in my face 
Well I'm tired of speaking up and speaking clearly 
       Em11                   Dadd4 
So the idiots in the back can hear me 
                 Bm9      Bm9* A11            Aadd4 
From now on it's     do's          and don'ts 
Em11                      Dadd4 
     To a room of antique maps and ghosts 
Em11                                 Dadd4 
     Where I have been, where I will go 

Em11/A Em11 Dadd4 
Em11/A Em11 Dadd4 
Bm9 Bm9* A11 Aadd4 Em11 Dadd4 
Em11 Aadd4 
Em11 Dadd4 

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