Over The Garden Wall

Send Me A Peach

Over The Garden Wall

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Send Me A Peach

I never dreamed 
      Cm               D7 
That there'd come a day 
         Bb              F              Bb6 
When I'd find myself far from your arms 
Bbm          D 
Now that I am 
Gm           G 
I can hardly stand 
       C7                          F7 
Not to be near your sweet southern charms 

Bb        A7             Dm 
Send me a peach from old Georgia 
Bb             G        Cm    
Down where the Savannah flows 
   F                        Bb      G 
If I could have one bite of Georgia 
C7                         F 
I would feel right here at home 

Bb         A7        Dm 
I miss the shady ol' lanes there 
Bb           G         Cm 
Walking with you by my side 
C7                          Bb      G 
Just send me one peach from Georgia 
C7                       F 
Just so I know you'll be mine 

Bb          A7        Dm 
I hope that you won't forget me 
Bb             G             Cm 
Before my road leads back to you 
Though the winter may bring 
          Bb           G 
The whole world to its knees 
    C7                            F 
The spring shall return with its fruit 

Bb               A7        Dm 
The wind here is ready for winter 
   Bb       G               Cm 
It seems to turn everything blue 
So just send me 
         Bb             G 
Send me one little peach 
       C7          F        Bb6   
Just a sweet sunny piece of you 

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