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Intro: D5  Bm  G                      


    On a summer night 
As you pull me closer 
Baby, please don't cry 
Isn't this what you had hoped for 
Sorry to say that we can't just go back 
Pretend like you tried and we'll live it at that 
Wouldn't you hate to admit that you did this to yourself 

Bm Bm A5 And you're throwing away happiness with both hands Em Just blame it on miles But you knew all the while G A Bm Don't tell me that it's better off this way Bm A5 And you started to say the words you run to so quickly Em Can you make me believe that I shouldn't leave G A D5 These lights reveal your face so differently
(Intro) Verse 2: D5 So make promises that we both know you wont keep Bm G Leave it to me to believe in your eyes D5 I'm calling you out on your only regret More like regret is calling you Bm G My dear in the headlights so cold and alone (Refrão) Bridge: D5 And she whispers in my ear Bm G A Promise me when you're not here, promise to never let me go (Refrão) Verso 3: D5 On a summer night Bm As you pull me closer G Baby, please don't cry D5 Isn't this what you had hoped for

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