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(finger-picking/arpeggio in 4/4 time signature) 
D   C   G   G    

D    C    G   G 
Show me a sign 
Troubles in mind 
Spell me your life 
And tell me a lie 
        F F    C            G       
And the bodies float on the river 
N/C    F F    C    G (strum once)   
To the oceans of demi--------------se 

(finger picking/arpeggio continues) 
D   C   G   G    

D    C       G   G 
Made me your slave 
To the secrets of your silence 
But you told to me stay 
And you told me goodbye 

F           C            G 
Well bodies float on the river 
F       C         G (strum once) 
To the oceans of demise 

D   C   G   G    (x4) 
F   C   G   G    (x4)         

(keyboard only) 
Gm              Dm 
In light of all things to come 
A#m       Dm 
Why to despair? 
Gm               Dm 
Because when you have no one 
A#m          Am  A   
No one would care 
Don?t care 

(arpeggio 3 strings for each chord below) 
Am    E    Dm    Am    (x2) 

Dm       Am       (x4) 

(strum once) 
Gm            Dm 
Nothings will come undone 
A#m               Dm 
There?s nothing to share 
Gm      Dm 
Waiting for no one 
A#m          Am  A   
No one is there 
To care 

(freaked-out interlude) 

C     B 
Can?t see 
C     B 
Can?t feel 
C   B 
You run 
C B 
I long 
C B 
I wait 
C B 
C     B 
Takes you 
C B 

I can see can feel you run I long I wait to come to you? 
Wait through the embers of summer 
G   F#       E  D 
Something misdone 
Through the passage of fire, yeah 
G F#    E    D  B 
Fire beyond the sight 
Comes a time when the river of life 
Winter comes and we sacrifice 
Our life 

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