Old Man Markley

Feel Good Song Of The Year

Old Man Markley

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Feel Good Song Of The Year

	  		- Intro: Am Am F F C C G G 
         Am Am F F C C G E 

- verse 1:  

I never thought the day would come when I 
Would be the poison in the pen I use to write 
     C                                     G          E/G# 
You said you were alone in somewhat of a nervous tone 
                    F                               Am        G 
I guess it was the blank look on your face that was easy to replace 

C G E/G# So then I went and drank myself into an idiot all through the night Am G F G Am E Recounting all my paranoid and selfish thoughts but I was right
- verse 2: Am I made a space for you inside my soul F And let my feelings kill the part that I control C G E/G# So part of you was me, neglectful maybe cold it seemed F Despite having the wounds we both imbibe, the scars are Am G Somewhere we can't hide
C G E/G# I then stayed up for two more years just thinking of the sacrifice you made Am G F G Indifferent to the reason so apparent in the pain C G E/G# I polished off another drink and taught myself to numb and drift away Am G Am E For one more night so I could justify the day
- Bridge: F G E/G# Am So now I entertain the thought of going on all alone D G FC/E Dm But you are all the life I've ever known - Intrumental: C C E E F F Am G
C G E/G# I swear one day I'll get it back something that is already dead and gone Am G F Again i see the trumpet player looking for his song C G E/G# Don't worry I won't follow you, that part of me is learning to let got Am G Am E What was a space is like a cancer in my soul

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