Old Man Markley

Americas Dreaming

Old Man Markley

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Americas Dreaming

verse 1 
A                                  E                 F#m      E 
If crooks are in charge, should we let them pick our pockets? 
A                                   E          Bm       E 
If we don't want trouble, should we not try to stop it? 
C#m                                                 Bm 
We could just sink into the quicksand slavery we're born in 
C#m                                                          F#m    E 
But fighting endless wars for greedy liars is getting pretty boring 

A                                        E                  F#m     E 
They think they got us trained, so we'll think we're living free 
A                            E             Bm  E 
If we got time and money for junk food and TV 
C#m                                                          Bm 
But it's plain honest people never stand a chance of winning elections 
C#m                                                                D          E 
They just let us pick which liars take our rights away for our own protection 

verse 2 
A                            F#m           E 
The corporate propaganda paralyzes us with fear 
A                         E 
Destroying our ability to trust 
A                                F#m        E 
Fear keeps us fighting with each other over scraps 
D           E            A 
Starving to death in the dust 
F#m                       A 
Organized religion really helps you submit 
F#m                             D                E 
But the meek are inheriting the short end of the stick 
A                               D                E 
Think twice (think twice) we're awaking from the dream 
A                                  D            A   E 
Think twice (think twice) we don't like what we see 

Fiddle break 
F#m  A  F#m  A E 
F#m  A  E 

verse 3 
Fear surrounds compassion like a layer of mold 
And weakens our defenses so we're too weak to be bold 
Life could be heaven, but this corrupted system 
Takes away our rights, expects us not to miss them 
The middle class is shrinking while the lower class grows 
If we don't wake up soon, we'll have no class left to lose 
But at least we're getting by, and there's heaven when we die 
It's hard for honest people to recognize a lie 

        A                          E 
It's an American dream, there's no pie in the sky 
      D                         Bm 
We're running out of credit, we can't afford to buy it 
A                          D            E 
If it weren't so sad, it'd be a goddamn riot 

Final Verse 
      A                         D           E 
Think twice, the change that we need can be found 
      A                           D             E 
Think twice, just don't expect to get it handed down 
      A                     D             E 
Think twice, right now it's up to you and me 
    D                E             D            A 
Our hearts guide our minds to make greed obsolete 

             F#m                        D 
Don't run in circles all your life just hoping 
          E               A 
To grab a horse on a dead carousel 

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