Okkervil River

Maine Island Lovers

Okkervil River

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Maine Island Lovers

Capo on 5th fret

Finger picking pattern for intro and Verse: 

   A             E           Bm7/A           D 

(finger pick) 

A E Bm7/A D (x2) 

Verse: 1  
(continue finger picking) 

   A              E                 Bm7/A                D 
To cheat on Maine islands ? days of laughter, nights of sighing 

   A            E                   Bm7/A           D 
To love without ceasing ? flowering orchards, salty sea-things 

   A           E               Bm7/A           D 
To say without shyness ?unreal city, you have killed me? 

F#5 E5 Bm7/A D When you walked out on her love was it easy? F#5 E5 Bm7/A D When I left him while sleeping was I dreaming?
Verse: 2 (finger pick) A E Bm7/A D We take each night's journey to the hotel in a hurry A E Bm7/A D Where we love without worry on a bed that's five days dirty A E Bm7/A D And we read without irony from a book my husband bought for me (strum)
F#5 E5 Bm7/A D When I fell on the concrete it was lovely F#5 E5 Bm7/A D Because you could see what's been running so hot in me F#5 E5 Bm7/A D But when I fell on the concrete, you went white as a sheet F#5 E5 Bm7/A D And wished that nothing in this world would ever hurt me. Well, keep wishing
Verse: 3 (finger pick or lightly strum) A E Bm7/A D Because when I look in my future, I don't see you and don't wish to A E Bm7/A D Idle talk made when I'm lying by your side on some Maine island A E Bm7/A D It's too funny to me, honey, so let's drop it F#5 E5 Bm7/A D If you really want to love me, well, then do it F#5 E5 Bm7/A D If you really want to love me, well, then do it

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