Ocean Colour Scene

Charlie Brown Says Chords

Ocean Colour Scene



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Charlie Brown Says Chords


G (E)        C#dim 
      Charlie     Brown says 
D                            Cmaj7 
  No one promised this when I was a kid 
D                               Cmaj7 
  When my days were filled with carousels 
Am7                      D 
    Fairground rides and cockleshells 
D                        Cmaj7 
  Kicking pebbles on the beach 
Am7                    D 
    When time couldn't reach me 
D                       Cmaj7 
  And tears were just a memory 
Am7            D 
    Left to be lonely 

G (E) C#dim 
            Now days 
D                    Cmaj7 
  Catch me without an overcoat 
D                    Cmaj7 
  Five o'clock shoes full of snow 
Am7                  D 
    All rained out nowhere to go 

            F#7      F# E D C# 
Are sure to find you 
No matter how fast you run 
Gonna catch up with you 

( E7 ) 

G (E)        C#dim 
      Charlie     Brown says 
D                          Cmaj7 
   Oh this winter sure sure gets me down 
Am7                     D 
    When there ain't no friends around 

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