Going Nowhere


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Going Nowhere

Year: 1997 - Album: Masterplan


A                         B           A                      B 
Hate the way that you've taken back, everything you given to me    
A                       B                A                 B 
And the way that you'd always say, it's nothing to do with me 
A                      B         A               B 
Different versions of many men, come before you came 
A                       B            A                B 
All the questions were similar, the answers just the same 
I'm gonna get me a motorcar, maybe a Jaguar, maybe a plane or 
          A             A Asus4 A 
a day of fame 
I'm gonna be a millionare, so can you take me now, wanna be  
wild cause my life's so tame 
A       B         D            A 
Here am I, going nowhere on a train 
A       B           D            A       B A   B A 
Here am I, growing older in the rain   (heeey heeeey) 
A       B         D            A 
Here am I, going nowhere on a train 
A       B           D 
Here am I, getting lost and lonely, sad and only want some  
times cause my life feels so tame 


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