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Wansapanatym Chords

Nyoy Volante

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by pinaygitara

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Sang by: Nyoy volante 
Chords by: Joane Cinco 
I only know the chords for Chorus right now. 
I am quite busy lately so I will complete the rest 
of the song later. If anyone knows the song, please 
free to email me. Address: forgetmenot_1981@hotmail.com 
   A    F#m  C#m      E         D 
WANSA PANA TYM ang saya halika ka na 
   A F#m    C#m       E         D 
sa wansapanatym........  
Its the same through out the whole song. 
Thanks. You can send your comments to above email address. 
Enjoy mga togs... 

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