Nouvelle Vague

Teenage Kicks

Nouvelle Vague

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Teenage Kicks

Year: 2004 - Album: Nouvelle Vague

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D7+ Bm7 G A E|-----------5------------2-----------3----------5-----------| B|-----------7------------3-----------3----------5-----------| G|-----------6------------2-----------4----------6-----------| D|-----------7------------4-----------5----------7-----------| A|-----------5------------2-----------5----------7-----------| E|------------------------------------3----------5-----------|
Intro D7+ Bm7 D7+ Are teenage dreams so hard to beat Bm7 Everytime she walks down the street D79 Another girl in the neighbourhood Bm7 Wish she was mine she looks so good G I wanna hold you wanna hold you tight A Get teenage kicks right through the night and so on.

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