Norah Jones

Rosie's Lullaby

Norah Jones

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Rosie's Lullaby

	  		A                            E         Bm 
She walked by the ocean, 
And waited for a star, 
A                   E        F#m 
To carry her away. 

           A           Bm 
Feelin' so small, 
                                 D         A 
At the bottom of the world, 
                E            F#m 
Lookin' up to God. 

( D  A  E  F#m) 
                          A                    Bm  
She tries to take deep breaths, 
                           D       A  
To smell the salty sea, 
                           E              F#m 
As it moves over her feet. 

                          A               Bm 
The water pulls so strong, 
                       D           A 
And no-one is around, 
And the moon is looking down. 

A          E               Bm 
Rosie - come with me, 
A                E                F#m   
Close your eyes - and dream. 

( D  A  E ) 

A                     E            Bm 
The big ships are rollin', 
And lightin' up the night, 
                     A                                  E           F#m 
And she calls out, but they just pass her by. 

                         A             Bm 
The waves are crashin', 
                           D           A 
But not making a sound, 
Just mouthing along. 

A          E               Bm 
Rosie - come with me, 
A               E               F#m   D 
Close your eyes and dream, 
A              E                F#m   D 
Close your eyes and dream, 
A              E                F#m 
Close your eyes and dream... 

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