Norah Jones

Even Though

Norah Jones

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Even Though

	  		Intro: E A E A E 

E                          A                E 
Something by the way he touched me was so slow 
The way he'd put his arms around me 
       E                   A               
Even though I'm feeling lonely 
E              A       E 
I'm feeling lonely 

                                A               E 
Don't understand the words he said made me do wrong 
But now there is nothing else in my head 
                 E                    A       E 
And though it's strong I wish he'd leave me alone 
I wish he'd leave me 

           B                A 
'Cause I know trouble will follow 
              B              A 
But I have to go, I have to go 

Solo: E A E A E A E A 

           B                 A 
'Cause I know trouble will follow 
              B                 A     E 
But I have to go, but I have to go 

He makes me think that I don't know me 
     E                                        A 
So unsure when I remember all the things he showed me 
            E                 A 
And I want more, I'm feeling lonely 
E                A      E 
Oh, I'm feeling lonely 

Then just play E and A, finishing on one strum of E 

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