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100 times fuckeder Chords


Difficulty: nolevelnolevel

by europeu

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100 times fuckeder

  		Intro: x4 intro, x2 pre-second verse 
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e-------------------------------------| b-------------------------------------| g-------------------------------------| d----44------55-------22--------------| a-2-5--55---5--55----2--22---1-4455---| e---------3--------0--------2---------|
B5 G5 fighting with gloves E5 F5 A5 now we're the ones a hundred times fuckeder B5 G5 hitting above the belt E5 F5 A5 now we're the ones a hundred times fuckeder B5 G5 citing defense E5 F5 A5 now we're the ones a hundred times fuckeder B5 G5 absorbing all the lies E5 F5 A5 now we're the ones a hundred times fuckeder G Bm we get what we fucking deserve bringing raised fists to a knife fight G Bm you'd think developed minds could learn not to give benefit of doubt G Em you wouldn't trust a hungry animal F5 around your newborn, would you? after "..your new born would you???" this bit is played then back into the intro riff e------------------| b------------------| g------------------| d-44-22------------| a--------55-44-----| e------------------| Intro x2 After first verse one guitar plays the intro, second guitar plays this twice: e-----------------------------------------| b-----------------------------------------| g-----------------------------------------| d-----------------------------------------| a-2222222---------------------------------| e---------3333333-000000-222222-555-------| Second verse/Chorus has the same chords as the first Solo: second guitar is the same chords as the verse!!!! Enjoy, may tab solo at some pointAdded by and our distinguished partners

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