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All Heaven Declares Chords

Noel & tricia Richards

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by Hawksilver

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All Heaven Declares

  		A2  E        D2     Esus 
All heaven declares, 
                 D     A 
The glory of the risen Lord. 
    A2     D   E 
Who can compare, 
                D      A 
With the beauty of the Lord. 
                     D2  E 
Forever He(You) will be, 
                     A      E/G# F#m 
The Lamb upon the throne. 
                   D2    E7sus 
I gladly bow the knee, 
                       A     D  A 
And worship Him(You) alone. 
A2 E       D2    Esus 
I  will proclaim, 
                 D     A 
The glory of the risen Lord. 
    A2       D    E 
Who once was slain, 
             D      A 
To reconcile man to God. 


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