No Justice

The Toast

No Justice

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The Toast

Capo on 1st fret
A,E  D 2x 
 A        E                  D    A      E                      D   A     E               
  Haven't I seen you here before, maybe you look like someone else. Your silhouette is like the 
   D             E                         D     A      E                     D    A      E   
devil, but your eyes are to blue for me to care. I wonder if you noticed my face, are you still 
                 D          A              E                   D                         A 
staring at that band. My emotions running wild, like a freight train bound for no where. I?d buy 
   E                         D 
you a drink but I don?t know your brand. 

E D A E D A So here?s to you, and here?s to me. Best of friends that we?ll always be E D F#m E and if perhaps we tend to disagree, here?s to me.
A E D 2x Verse A E D A E D A Mr. Bartender pour me a shot once more, to drive my cares and fears away. Well I?m down to my E D A E D A last cigarette and it?s broken. Oh well guess I didn?t need the damn thing anyway. She just E D A E D walked by my table and she gave me a second glance. My eyes followed her to the backroom door. A E D A E Now she?s talking to another man, I guess I just lost my chance. Hey bartender I?ll have two D more. Chorus Break A E D 2x Chorus

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