Torn Chords


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  		E5 G      E5   G 
I need an easy friend 
E5   G      E5      G 
I do with a hand to lend 
E5   G         E5       G 
I do think you fit this shoe 
E5   G        E5     G 
I do what you have a clue 
C#        G#        F# 
I'll take advantage while 
C#          G#     F# 
You hang me out to dry 
E5                  A5    C5    E5  G  E5  G 
But I can't see you every night free 
E5  G  E5  G 
I do 
I'm standing in your light 
I do hope you have the time 
I do pick up number two 
I do keep a date with you 
{Repeat chorus} 
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Solo: Repeat 3x E-------------------------|- B-------------------------|- G----------------7--7/9-9-|- D-----5-7-7/9--9----------|- A-7-7---------------------|- E-------------------------|-
{Repeat first verse and chorus} E5 A5 C5 E5 G E5 G I can't see you every night free E5 G E5 G E5 G E5 G E5 G E5 G I do, I do, I do

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