Son Of A Gun (Vaselines cover) Chords


Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by larissa%5Framone

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Son Of A Gun (Vaselines cover)

  		Intro: (A - E) (D - B)  
(A  -  E) 
Up up up and down  
(D    -    B)  
Turn turn turnaround  
(A     -     E) 
Round round round about  
(D   -   B) 
And over again  
(A   -   E) 
Gun gun son of a gun  
(D     -     B) 
You are the only one  
(A    -    E)        (D  -  B) 
Makes any difference what I say  
G C/G The sun shines in the bedroom D C/G When we play G C/G The raining always starts D C/G When you go away

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