Nigel Stanford

Everything Changes

Nigel Stanford

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Everything Changes

	  		Am      C          F 
We're just humans- wanting, craving 
Am                               C         F 
So there can be no one to blame if our hearts are fading 
Am                         C              F 
And with the timing of it all, am I the one? 
Am                      C     F 
And in your many lifetimes, am I the one? 

F                      G 
Everything changed, twist out of shape 
              Am          C 
I miss the promises we're breaking 
            F              G 
Alter the waves, move out of phase 
Am                    C 
I miss the promises we break 

F              G                   Am 
One day, someplace, our love will hold 
C         G         Am 
One day, untraced, we'll go 

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