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Nicola Sedda

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	  		C              Gm 
Colors of your mind 
Fm       Am 
Shine so bright 
C               Gm 
Like the rising sun 
In your eyes 
My world 
Like the stars 
My love 

Bm             C    Gm 
You move like stormy sea 
Bm                 D       Gm 
Don't to leave me far from here 
From you 
           C      Gm 
Dance like stormy wind 
Bm                D        Gm 
Don't to leave me far from here 
From you 

( C  D  E  F ) 
( G  A  B ) 
( C  D  E  F ) 
( G  A  B  C ) 

Bm             C      G 
You dance like stormy wind 
Bm              D          G 
You don't lead me far from here 
     C        F  A  D  C 
From you oh, oh 

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