Nickel Creek

Sabra Girl

Nickel Creek

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Sabra Girl

	  		Tabbed by: PJ White 
Bm         D         A      Em   
Lonely the life that once I led.  
Bm          D                 A 
Strange the paths on which we tred  
D                 G          A 
Led me to you, unlikely but true.  
Em    A     Bm          A 
Sabra girl, clouding my view.  
Rainy the day the first time we met.  
Deep was the talk and forever my debt.  
It didn't seem wrong to sing a sad song.  
Sabra girl, soon you'd be gone.  
Early the morning and sad the goodbye.  
With a wave of your hand and a smile of your eye.  
So lately did meet, no sooner to part.  
Sabra girl, homeward must start.  
Rosy the lines that you wrote with your hand.  
Reading between them to misunderstand, 
I made the mistake you said not to make.  
Reading your letters conviction did grow.  
I thought it a chance and I knew I must go.  
It's hard to believe I could be so naive.  
Sabra girl, flattered but deceived.  
Now you just told me that a friendship is all.  
I'm forced to repair the breach in my wall. 
Illusions and dreams as usual it seems.  
Sabra girl, they have been my downfall.  
Lonely the life and dismal the view.  
Closed is the road that leads to you.  
Since better can't be as friends we'll agree.  
Sabra girl, time will cure me. 

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