Nickel Creek

Green & Gray

Nickel Creek

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Green & Gray

	  		by Nickel Creek (written by Chris Thile) 
charted by Bo Frazer   
with help from Bug 
for C#m, leave top 2 strings open 
for B/A, move your 3 fretted A fingers up two frets, but  
leave the rest open 
Intro = verse chords 
A                                                        C#m 
I'm in a room full of people all hanging on one person's breath. 
G                                                Bm 
We would all vote him most likely to be loved to death, 
      A                                                  C#m 
And I hope he still wants it, but it might remind him of when 
    G                                                   A 
He aimed for the bulls eye and hit it nine times out of ten. 
Then one time his hand slipped and I saw the dart sail away. 
I don't know where it landed but I'm guessing between green and gray. 
I thought nothing of it, but it still haunts him like a ghost. 
With all eyes upon him except two that matter the most, he says: 

A B/A B D F#m D E Green is the color that everyone sees all around me A B/A B D F#m E A Gray is the color I see around her, but she's just a blur D C#m Bm A The more the crowd cheers the less I can hear F#m C# And they don't really care what I play D C#m Bm E A Might be for her, but for now it's between green and gray.

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