Nick Jonas

Give Love A Try

Nick Jonas

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Give Love A Try

C                                                    Am 
You, you're like driving on a sunday, You, you're like taking off on   
               G                        F 
monday, you, you're like a dream, a dream  come true.  


I, was just a face you never noticed   
and now, I'm just trying to be honest with myself   
With you   
With the world  

You might think   
that I'm a fool   
    C7            F  
for falling over you   
So tell me what can I   
do to prove to you   
         C7              F  
That its not so hard to do   
            G               C  
Give love a try one more time   
          G                       C7  
Cause you know that I'm on your side   
Give love a try, one more time       

C G C7 F 2x 

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